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Shock and Awe Box

The biggest problem is having your mail get to the decision maker at a company. They have these things called executive assistance that are specifically trained to sniff out junk mail and your sales offers. Their ability is on canny. We try sneak mail (no return address). We stamp "Important Information" on the envelope. These people see right through it all.

The solution is a shock and awe box. Yes you mail them a box with stuff in it. The executive assistant will shake it and it will rattle. They lift it and know it has weight. Then they open it and see all sorts of stuff. Ad CD or DVD, Maybe even a CD or DVD player, A book on the subject you want to talk to the executive. And yes, even a sales letter. The whole point is to make this look so important the executive assistant will think, if I don't give this to the boss, I might loose my job.

So you want more corporate business and never get through? Join our site and get information for a successful Shock and Awe Box.


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