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Help My Marketing Isn't Working

The newspaper salesman comes in a says, "You need to Advertise in the paper." He has this special offer - even throw in some color. We will even set-up the ad for you. Wow, what a deal. You sign up, the ad runs, maybe one or two customers come in. Let's say you made a sale. More likely, no sales were made. Your newspaper salesman comes in, you tell him about the poor response. Then the salesman says, "It takes 7 or more impressions before a potential customer will buy. You need to sign up for a contract for 3 months to get those impressions so the customer will buy." Ok, you sign the contract. The salesman ask some questions about your business and he will set you up on a campaign to win customers for you. Guess what happens - little or no response. What has happened is you have been fleeced by about $500.00 to $1,000.00. You have been had!

You name the salesman - radio, tv, newspapers, coupon companies, etc. It's all the same. You have been had!

Who is in Control?
The problem is - you are letting salesmen set up your marketing program, not yourself. You should be the one calling the salesman. You need to tell him what you want. If he can't give you the price you want, you call the next media salesman until you get the deal you want.

The real question is:
Who is my target audience? What media do they watch, listen or read? What message will get them off their butts and buy from me? Maybe a better way is to say - what offer will I need to give for them to do business with me?

My opinion is:
The more targeted the market segment you can find, the more targeted the message you can make and the less clutter from other marketing messages will get in the way of making a sale.

The source of your marketing should come from yourself. Joining this site will help you formulate marketing plans that will fit your business. We will give your tools, give you resources and the knowledge to be successful. Wouldn't you like to b e in charge of your marketing rather that a salesman?

If this makes sense to you - JOIN marketing4awards

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Rex M. Tubbs, CRM
Engraving Connection
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