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Who Is Rex Tubbs

I just celebrated my 30th year owning an awards business. Before that I worked for Cole National Corporation. They are the people who own Things Remembered stores in the malls. When I left them, I had the largest district in the country and I doubled the sales in one year. They gave me a $700 raise and I decided I liked the engraving business and open my own shop. I've had different market gurus over the years, J Conrad Livingston (the author of the Guerrilla Marketing Books). Some other direct markets you would not know. And Dan Kennedy - the author of the No B. S. Marketing books.

I got my degree in Marketing, Economics and Music from Western Michigan University back in 1971. I got enough theory to last a life time, but not much practical knowledge to apply what I had learned. For over 30 years I've never stopped learning how to make marketing practical for my awards business and now for you.

I've been a seminar speaker for years for ARA (Awards and Recognition Association). I've also been their national president in 1998-1999. I've also received numerous awards for service to ARA. I have published articles in the Recognition Review (ARA's trade publication) and the Engravers Journal has written multiple articles quoting me and writing about my marketing ideas. The most recent is the February 2009 issue of Engravers Journal.

Rex M. Tubbs, CRM
Engraving Connection
1205 S. Main St.
Plymouth, MI 48170






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