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Classified Ads

I want to talk about two types of classified ads to drive customers to your business. The first one is traditional classified ads using target market magazines. The second is internet classifieds to build links to your web site.

Magazines Classified Ads
In the awards business, we thinks local market to generate business for our stores. Our common thought we can not afford to advertise nationally, let alone advertise locally. I want you to think outside the box. There are thousands of magazines going after specialty markets. The big secret is many of these markets buy awards. Another secret, if the specialty market can support a magazine, there is a market large enough to sell awards.

Internet Classified Ads
This is a totally different strategity from magazine classified ads. Here we are looking for links to our web site. The more links to your web site, the higher the organic search becomes for your web site. With different classified ad web sites, you can place an ad. The trick is, put a hot link to your site at the end of the ad. Sometimes you have to generate the ad in a MS Word document to get the hot link. Then just copy and paste on the classified site. Using this Strategy can greatly reduce the need for pay per click.

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