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Networking Strategies

I've gone to these chamber networking events. Drank the cool aide for years. Yes, I got some business. But it really wasn't that great. For the time spent, did I really get a return on investment. That is how you should look at it. Another thing is ask "What do I want to accomplish at these events? You see, we go a generalist. A jack of all trades and represent our business. Hand out our business cards, usually never to hear from them again.

How do you change this into a strategic event to promote your business? I want to get one idea across to a many people as possible. Something that is timely or a hot item or issue at the time. I'm not interested in handing our my "generalist business card, but a short brochure that states the main idea I want to put in as many minds as possible. Remember I said, I wasn't interested in handing out my business card? Well, I'm real interested in collecting every bodies business card. I'm developing a mailing list. Each card I have written a memory hook for that person.

Why all this work? I'm not waiting for them to call me. I send an email to them starting off with the memory hook about them. I restate point about my business and say that I hope we can do some business in the future. This is all relationship building. Want to turn it into a sale? Join this web site.

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