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Blogging Strategies

It takes so much time - Blogging. Well that is true if you are using Blogger.com You can only enter one blog at a time. The trick is to find tools to generate multiple blogs at one time. The internet is so large and you are doing only one bog at a time - it is almost impossible to make an impact.

Your blogs need to be interesting. Give your readers useful information. I am always positioning myself as a expert. I never do hard selling on a blog. Actually, I never do any selling on a blog. I'll do teasers to draw the reader to a landing page on one of my web sites. Now It's time to sell.

Another thing is doing blogs that can actually draw traffic to your web site. It requires some discipline. Look at the key words that draw traffic to your web site. You need to use the same key words in your blogs.

Here is a big sin - you have written a blog and you haven't put in a hot link back to your web site.

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