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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Goggle, Yahoo & MSN have developed a system to extract as much money from us retailers as possible. They want you to think, the only way to get customers is to pay for them. The more you pay - the more customers you get. The problem is the system - at a point the price per click does not justify your return on investment.

A good policy is be on page one for specific key words. The search engines say you need to be number one. That only cost you money. My strategy is to be number one for what I'm selling under that key word. All key words are used for different businesses, many are selling non-competing merchandise. Why would you want to out bid them.

I've noticed the laser engraver manufactures will bid on key works that I would use. They are willing to spend a dollar or more per click. They are selling $15,000.00 machines. I'm selling a one hundred dollar award, I'm willing to spend 50 cents. As long as I'm the first one selling awards, I'm happy.

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